Dai-Phat Bui

Dai-Phat Bui has been starting his research career in the fields of Chemical and Materials Engineering. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Oklahoma.

His research is focused on fabricating, investigating, and applying advanced catalysts and photocatalysts with exceptional properties for energy and environmental applications, such as hydrogen evolution, detoxification, and polymer upcycling. He is dedicated to uncovering reaction mechanisms and kinetics, designing tunable catalysts, and developing evaluation indexes to drive innovation in these crucial areas.

Beyond his research pursuits, Dai-Phat is also a dedicated supporter of the community. He is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability, and is a lifetime donor to various causes related to community health and education. He is a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialist for US Army Reserve. He also holds the position of President of the VEF Fellows Association (VEFFA), where he works tirelessly to help Vietnamese students gain access to PhD programs in the United States through the VEF 2.0 program conducted by the Fellows and Scholars of the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF, USA).

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