Microsoft Academic Search Engine

Along with Google/Google Scholar developed by Google and WOS developed by Clarivate, there is an emerging search engine known as Microsoft Academic developed by Microsoft. This post includes basic instructions and functions of Microsoft Academic.

1. Go to, type your research keyword, and choose the Triangular vase symbol.

Microsoft Academic Homepage

2. On the left of the next page, you can know and choose the top related subjects or related articles/patents. On the right, you can know the parent topics, child topics, and related topics. Then click the Triangular vase symbol on the right for further information.

Search Results

3. The next page provides the definition, number of publications, and citations over time. In addition, the bottom of the page provides the top authors, conferences, journals, and institutions in this field.

Definition, Topics, Publications, and Citations
Top Authors, Conferences, Journals, and Institutions

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